The People’s Itinerary

First thing: Everyone coming needs to bring a comfortable t-shirt or hoodie that will become their gaming jersey. Han is going to make iron-on transfers for PentaKool and we’ll make shirts day 1. This way everyone’s shirts will be the right size (looking at you Sethie)…

Seth and Snail : Arrival Friday 1/28 5:30pm. Leaving Tuesday 2/1 10:25am.

Luke: Arrival Thursday 1/27 4:13pm, Leaving Monday 1/31 5:40pm

Collin: Arrival Tuesday or Wednesday, Leaving Tuesday 2/1

Tanner: Arrival Wednesday evening 1/26, Leaving Monday 1/31 morning

Corey: Arrival Friday 1/28, Leaving Sunday 1/30

Amy / Kyle / Tim / Jared / Jenny : They live in Dallas. So no worries there.

Coordinating arrivals and departures will take some work. We may have to be flexible with our trips back and forth to the airport. Uber and the trains may also need to be utilized. Hannah and I will try to figure this out a little more before yall get here.