What’s the Point?

We began Pentakool weekends ten years ago as a way to gather, enjoy each others company, and play League of Legends. We love hosting Pentakool in Dallas and it has turned into so much more than what it was originally for us.

Over the years, you all have become much more than just weekend gaming friends; you have become gaming family. Our goals for the weekend have expanded: not only do we want to create an atmosphere for fun and games, feasting and drinking, winning and getting demoted, but we also want to share in your life’s story, include you in ours, and bringing all of you wonderful people together so it’s not just us who get to know you.

We’re hoping that when you come to our home, you feel safe and loved. That you feel the love of Jesus within our walls, and you feel more rested and refreshed when you leave than when you came.