Wednesday January 26th thru Tuesday February 1st (primarily focused on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

The Paulling House.

3601 Dunhill Place. Rowlett TX 75089  

It will be upstairs (board games), downstairs (computer games), the kitchen (feasting), and the backyard (fire pit). It will be awesome. 

Well, lots of things., because our Collin is coming to feed us. It’s kind of hard to write it all down, but safe to say there will be options for all kinds of diets. Finger foods. Fork foods. Gluten-free. Vegan. Vegetarian. Paleo. Carnivores. Lacto-only. Hypoallergenic.

There will be alcohol. And non-alcoholic drinks. And tea. And milk. And soda. And hot chocolate.

There will also be Babes (as in chicken), and possibly TopGolf? if the team so chooses.

The main plan is to have meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday planned out when yall get here, and the days before and after that will be a combination of team vote, DoorDash, and leftovers.

Sunday lunch will be unique. Our church is having a massive lunch, southern BBQ potluck style, with the meat provided by Intrinsic BBQ and sides brought by all the people. Church starts at 10:00 and lunch is right after at 11:45, and we’d like to bring anyone and everyone who’d like to come feast and meet our local Dallas community. I would say it’ll be the best food you’ll have all weekend, but Collin is coming so I don’t know if that’s a true statement….

We’ll do the same as last time and utilize PentaPay to track overall cost of food as we go. Han and I will cover a larger percentage since we aren’t buying plane tickets and we’ll go from there. 

First thing: Everyone coming needs to bring a comfortable t-shirt or hoodie that will become their gaming jersey. Han is going to make iron-on transfers for PentaKool and we’ll make shirts day 1. This way everyone’s shirts will be the right size (looking at you Sethie)…

Seth and Snail : Arrival Friday 1/28 5:30pm. Leaving Tuesday 2/1 10:25am.

Luke: Arrival Thursday 1/27 4:13pm, Leaving Monday 1/31 5:40pm

Collin: Arrival Tuesday or Wednesday, Leaving Tuesday 2/1

Tanner: Arrival Wednesday evening 1/26, Leaving Monday 1/31 morning

Corey: Arrival Friday 1/28, Leaving Sunday 1/30

Amy / Kyle / Tim / Jared / Jenny : They live in Dallas. So no worries there.

Coordinating arrivals and departures will take some work. We may have to be flexible with our trips back and forth to the airport. Uber and the trains may also need to be utilized. Hannah and I will try to figure this out a little more before yall get here.  

We began Pentakool weekends ten years ago as a way to gather, enjoy each others company, and play League of Legends. We love hosting Pentakool in Dallas and it has turned into so much more than what it was originally for us.

Over the years, you all have become much more than just weekend gaming friends; you have become gaming family. Our goals for the weekend have expanded: not only do we want to create an atmosphere for fun and games, feasting and drinking, winning and getting demoted, but we also want to share in your life’s story, include you in ours, and bringing all of you wonderful people together so it’s not just us who get to know you.

We’re hoping that when you come to our home, you feel safe and loved. That you feel the love of Jesus within our walls, and you feel more rested and refreshed when you leave than when you came.  

We want everyone to have a great time, but we also want people to be safe. You’re a grown up and you are in charge of you, but also we have a couple things we’d like have as ground rules before the weekend starts.

1. Please leave anything illegal at your house. This was too complicated to navigate and we’d prefer to leave it out this time around.

2. We’d like for the vapers to vape outside while everyone is here. We had a few issues with breathing around it inside last time.

3. We want everyone to go home from the weekend sans-Covid, so regardless of personal politics, please plan on minimizing contact with the outside world the week before you come to reduce our overall risk during our time together. And I know this would be extremely disappointing, but if you get sick before the weekend, for the safety of everyone, please don’t bring it to the house. We will have the ability to digitally join PK weekend so you won’t miss out.

4. Please drink responsibly.

5. We have a few extra out of towners coming this time, so Dallas residents please plan on sleeping at your own houses at the end of the night. (see above rule). The beds and bedrooms here are all claimed (but we can make exceptions if you don’t mind a couch)