Well, you. For sure. Cuz you’re here. And a significant other/spouse/loved one/husband/wife/grandma.

But this is a party for adults. 21 and up. There will be loud noises. There will be explosions (probably). Laughter. Alcohol. 

So find a sitter. And please let us know if you are coming. Just send us a text. Or email. Or a handwritten letter. I love those.

 New years eve, Silly.

Come at 7:30! (PM)

Stay till you literally can’t even.

The theme is black, gold, and fabulous, so we’re not saying you have to be black, gold, and fabulous, but it will help. With what? We’re not sure. But it will help. Or you can just come fabulous.

Well, lots of things. It’s kind of hard to write it all down, but safe to say there will be options for all kinds of diets. Finger foods. Fork foods. Gluten-free. Vegan. Vegetarian. Paleo. Carnivores. Lacto-only. Hypoallergenic.

There will be alcohol. And non-alcoholic drinks. And tea. And milk. And soda. And hot chocolate. 


Fellowship! Eating! Board games! Drinks! Group games! Bad Dad Jokes! Ummmm Actually! Celebrating! Quiplash! Sporkle! Oregon Trail! Ringing in the New Year!

The Paulling House.

3601 Dunhill Place. Rowlett TX 75089  

It will be upstairs, downstairs, the kitchen, and the backyard. It will be awesome.